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About Me

Make a mess, call it art.

Let me formally introduce myself! My name is Jillian Shae, and I am a self-taught artist. I moved away from my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma for the first time in 2022 to pursue my love and passion for art.

Since moving away, I’ve learned a lot about myself in general, and as an artist, especially different ways to evolve my art. I love using acrylic as my primary medium, but am always looking for new techniques, incorporating them into my work, and finding ways to challenge myself.

I posses a unique gift to see things in my mind and bring them to life using various mediums, and I love to create art that makes meaningful statements. I’ve worked hard to spread my art around the world and am eager to share it with you, so feast your eyes, and I hope that you enjoy what you see!

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